A more sustainable music experience

Vinyl and CD’s are made out of unsustainable materials and cannot be placed in the recycle. The move back to vinyl has brought a greater appreciation to the art of the album and movement back to album art and creative liberty that has been forgotten. Downloading music, obviously the most sustainable, is better for the environment but has removed the tangible aspect of the album as well as the album itself. The act of buying “singles” and popular songs has destroyed the art of the album that musicians work so hard to perfect.

My product acts as an in-between for people who want the physical and tangible aspects of a vinyl record, but do not have the funds to purchase the expensive material or a record player itself. It also removes the unsustainable factor that comes along with buying materials that cannot be recycled. Most computers now do not have CD drives, so it also provides a medium for a more modern crowd.

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