Racial Disparity in Seattle Public Schools—An Examination of One City as a Microcosm of a Bigger Problem in America

This is a project made in response to having been raised in a racially segregated education system. Most of my peers had the same color of skin as me and I did not really question why until I got older. My family also has a history of education and have provided resources and insights into the topic. I assumed that the results would reaffirm my assumptions about the racial and economic disparity, but I did not think it would be so obviously disparate. The correlations that I came across between race, economy, and location were unsettling and disturbing. I chose a small book format with interactive transparencies to provide a personal user experience that one can use to reflect on their own education experience. I also made a large infographic to be witnessed by more people.

The Reality of the Situation

From my results I found that the amount of students in lower income areas have a much smaller graduation rate, and AP and IP enrollment. They typically preform lower in state testing, are more disciplined, and have a higher suspension and dropout rate. The way we seem to be educating our youth now as a city and as a country shows very little progress in changing these deep rooted disparities. Educating the next generation equally and fairly may be a giant step in filling the gaps.


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